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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


It all started with the pun in the title. Here is the timeline of how my tweeps responded to it.

Paul Lewis @paullewismoney  Wine investment - Bordeauxing on the ridiculous.

Michael Ware  @HorusConsulting
good pun

Paul Lewis @paullewismoney 
“@HorusConsulting: @paullewismoney good pun” >>> it's not a pun, it's financial advice!!!

Bee Chandler @mummyyummy34  
you're on top form tonight! #cheers

Paul Lewis @paullewismoney 
@mummyyummy34 >>> cheesy but with a hint of oak and blueberries over notes of grass?

Quizzical Eyebrow @quizeye  Can somebody tell @paullewismoney that Tim Vine has hacked his twitter account please?

JSA+Expenses @JSAplusExpenses 
wine investment>>>investors chablis treated

Andrew Hill @AndrewJ_Hill 
Sadly the web has yet to find a way to succinctly express a sigh, shake of the head and roll of the eyes after a poor joke.

Stuart Walker @WalkerSah 
Investors end up in Hock?

Odysseus @headedforhades
corking advice at that! #badoomtish

De Bere Yendor @debere71 “@paullewismoney: Wine investment - Bordeauxing on the ridiculous.” A "corking" joke Sir !

De Bere Yendor @debere71 
One needs a lot of bottle to invest in wine !!

Neil Monk  @nm_uk *groan* Taxi for Lewis! RT @paullewismoney Wine investment - Bordeauxing on the ridiculous.

Computer Solutions @KenilworthComps 
Oh that's very good or even Bordeauxing on the Reisling

James Jones @ExperianJames 
Invest in wine and the future has to be rosé.

Jon Cundall @jon_g_c
regarding wine investment - you will get your money back merlot less

CB @thistoomustpass
wine investments, whether good or bad....Que Syrah Syrah

EmJ @Scooty413 
without a top - cabriolet sauvignon?

rightproperty.com @rightproperty 
that's a poor wine investment joke. How Merlot can your followers go?

Stuart Hill @sturtle1 
Are wine investors 'plonkers' ?

Paul Lockett @plc69 
Oh, stop w(h)ining!! ;-)

karen hobbs @karenhobbs 
it's all in the disulphide bonds!

Grant Salisbury @GrantSalisbury1 
What does Jeremy VINE think about it all?

I thought about investing in wine but my bottle went.

Optimum Otium @Optimum_Otium 
Major concern is that of liquidity...

Greg Fradd @fredgruff 
Sauvignon pennies for rainy day.
Look after the Pinots and the pounds will look after themselves. 

Robin Hames @robinhames 
bit late on this one! But presumably you'd have to be off your Rioja to invest.
Still any port in a storm for some.

So, it’s up to you. But remember…

…it's not a pun, it's financial advice!!!

These investments – and this page – are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority and any loss of humour is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.