Wednesday, 18 April 2012


About 100,000 ill and disabled people will lose their Employment and Support Allowance on 30 April 2012.

From that date a new time limit will apply to the Employment and Support Allowance which is paid on the basis of National Insurance contributions. It is called contributory ESA. At the moment it can be paid indefinitely. In future the allowance, worth £99.15 a week, will stop after one year.

The one year time limit will apply at once to an estimated 100,000 people who have already been on contributory ESA for at least a year. Another 100,000 will lose it by April 2013.

The number affected will grow by about 200,000 a year. By 2015/16 a total of 700,000 people on contributory ESA will have lost it when they reached the one year time limit. The Government estimates the net savings to the Treasury will be £1 billion in 2014/15.

More detail
Employment and Support Allowance is paid to people who are too ill or disabled to work. It was introduced in October 2008 to replace Incapacity Benefit. Everyone on Incapacity Benefit is being reassessed and put into one of two ESA groups.

The time limit applies to people in what is called the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG). They have been assessed as able to return to work with some help. The time limit does NOT apply to those in the Support Group who are not expected to return to work because their condition is long-term and severe.

The time limit applies to ESA which is based on National Insurance contributions (contributory ESA). It does NOT affect the means-tested (income-related) ESA paid to those with a low income.

The time limit includes the 13 weeks spent in the assessment phase at the start of the claim for ESA when people are allocated to the work group or the support group.

Can you get money from other sources?
If you are due to lose ESA you should have been sent a letter by the DWP. It is very important to check if you can replace at least some of the ESA you will lose.

1. Can you claim income-related ESA? That is based on your income and savings and if you have a partner on theirs as well. You cannot get income related ESA if your partner works more than 24 hours a week or if their income is too high or your joint savings are more than £16,000. The Government estimates that 60% of those who lose contributory ESA will be able to get at least some income-related ESA. Income-related ESA has no time limit. If you get income-related ESA you may be able to get some help with mortgage payments.

2. Can you get your council tax reduced through Council Tax Benefit? If you pay rent can you get that reduced through Housing Benefit? If you already get either of those benefits they should go up when your ESA goes and your income is reduced. But that will only happen if you tell the council which pays them about your drop in income.

3. Can your partner get Working Tax Credit? If you have no children your partner must normally work at least 30 hours a week to get Working Tax Credit. But if they are over 60 or qualify for disability element that is just 16 hours a week. If you have children then your partner must normally work at least 24 hours a week (assuming you do not work at all). But that may be reduced to 16 hours for a variety of reasons including your own health. Get advice. If your partner already gets tax credits make sure you report your reduced income when ESA stops. Your partner's tax credit should then increase.

The Government estimates that claiming extra from these other benefits will reduce the average loss for those who lose from the full £99.15 a week to about £52 a week.

Where to get help
You can get help and advice from your local Citizen's Advice Bureau. Your local council may have a welfare rights office, though these have been cut back recently. You can also enquire at your local JobCentrePlus. Or you can work out your own entitlement at That takes you to the website of and you can call them on 0808 802 200. The organisation Disability Rights UK may be able to help through its website or publications

The Government published some information on the impact of the Welfare Reform Act on disabled people which you can find through this page Many of the figures in this blog are taken from the estimates in those documents.


  1. Thank you for bringing attention to this scandal on BBC Breakfast today. I have MS and will lose my ESA at the end of this month. I can't claim income-based ESA as my husband works. I worked for the DWP until two years ago, when they retired me on ill health grounds as I was found by their doctors to be too ill to work - the same DWP that then decided that I was able to work after all, and put me in the WRAG. I am now striving to be re-assessed as my MS has worsened since the decision to put me in the WRAG - but trying to get this re-assessment is causing me a whole new nightmare that has so far taken me 6 weeks and got nowhere.

  2. I'm not personally affected by this, but I am totally and utterly disgusted by it:-( The failings of the medical assessment process are well known. Ill people are being made more ill, nice one David.

  3. There is a scandal here that needs publicising, Paul. Honest working people have contributed to this benefit through their National Insurance contributions. The Government have produced a fait accompli of declaring that these contributions are only good for one year's ESA benefit, and have given people no chance to take out any insurance to try and replace the potential loss of benefit being imposed. This is wrong. I wonder if there is any legal challenge being planned at the moment?

    Of course, as Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling are directors of insurance companies that provide such insurance, you would have thought they'd want to give working people the opportunity to take out such insurance, so that they could line their pockets with our contributions...

  4. Like Yvette I was retired by my employer East Sussex County Council on the grounds of ill health then I was told I was fit to work at the medical by the DWP. Following this I became severely depressed. I stopped signing on Jobs Seekers because they lost my claim and then said I earn too much as I received an occupational pension having been seen by their disability officer Get a Grip Govnt departments and the Government I say and thanks Paul for all your advice.

  5. This goverment would rather look after immigrants coming to live in this country instead of the disabled and the pensioners. It's funny how immigrants get all sorts of benefits and us good honest british people are getting kicked in the teeth. This is an absolute disgrace, if you are in the WRAG like myself with severe arthritis struggling to walk, and recently diagnosed with a blood clot in my lungs, and just found out i have diabetes, who is going to employ me with these conditions? my partner works the minimum 24 hours a week, on minimum wage. David Cameron should hang his head in shame. Maybe this goverment are trying to re-coup some of the billions that they have spent on staging the farcical olympics, of which we should have built more cancer hospitals around the country where im sure everyone would benefit from.
    Graeme Tomlinson. Cumbria.

    1. Immigrants don't get any benefits till they've been in the country for five years....and the rate of immigrants who claim is very very low (says the disabled single parent immigrant who has been here for 11 years). And I work, too - those are my taxes going into the pot and it's amazing that people seem to forget immigrants are taxed too.

      It's very easy to Find Someone To Blame, the UK is absolutely brilliant at doing that but all it does is keep us fighting amongst each other rather than turning our ire to the government.

      So this is one disabled single-parent immigrant who is fighting for everyone.

  6. thankyou for helping everyone to understand all the really bad things this government is doing to all the hard working citizens of our country. I am retired and my husband has 2 years to go until he can get his pension. He has worked long and hard since he left school at 15 years of age and due to the wear and tear on his back is now suffering from multiple disc problems. He has been unable to work for 8 months and is now recovering from spinal surgery to remove burst discs pressing on his spinal nerves and also some bone from his spine. It is slow going and he is still in a lot of pain. It is a case of wait and see how much help this operation will prove to have long term, we still have a mortgage and finding it hard going at the moment without the added worrry of loosing his ESA. this government is worst we have ever had it gives money away to other countries, pays already wealthy people bonuses but the hard working citizens are juust left to struggle and they are have no care for their people. they just make it conplicated and hard for everyone. My husband saved and tried to make provision for retirement but his pension is worth a fraction of what he was told and we are just left wondering why we didnt have a life spending everything we had so we could now get help. I despair.

  7. I bumped into a friend in the park with her 21 yr old son. He has severe learning difficulties, poor eyesight and in no way could he cope without his mother as carer. He cannot talk, cross a road, or walk unaided. In short, one of the most vulnerable adults you could meet. He received a letter saying he had been assessed as 'fit' to work! His mother put him in his wheelchair, walked into the JobCentre and asked them to sign him on and find him a job. The staff were hugely embarrassed and called Belfast to say there had been a mix-up etc. She is waiting for his reassessment date. I know several parents of SEN children who voted Tory in the 'safe' knowledge that David Cameron would ensure their care - having experienced being a parent of a severely disabled child. They could not have been more wrong as it now turns out.

    1. I did too. Won't ever vote Tory or Labour again. They both make me sick.

  8. I have Worked since I left school for 30 years, paid my national insurance stamp and tax. In 2008 I had an alergic reaction to a medication which has left me with a cronic illness. People who have never worked and have not paid any controbutions still get the controbution E.S.A. How can that be fair when someone has worked for 30 years and are only entitle to it for 1 year! How unfair is that? I know you can get income related base if you have less 16,000 in the bank, how can you save up for your kids future if you have to live on your savings!

    1. Again, the definition here is what "fair" means - the people who have never contributed are people who are too ill and too disabled and therefore would never be able to. Disabled children don't grow out of being's with them for life. So is it therefore "fair" to say "right, well you're now an adult so good luck with homelessness"? This is what is happening lately - the term "fair" is being bandied about as a great weapon which everyone can use against each other to say that oneself is more deserving than another.

      Meanwhile, the upper-class can order boxes of wine delivered to their homes and are laughing all the way to the bank. So let's try and remember that fairness for ALL is the issue here - which doesn't mean cutting someone else off in a survival-panic.

  9. Paul, thank you SO much for writing these pieces and getting the media to listen, no other journalist has done that, we have been kept silent for too long. cESA is only the tip of the iceberg. The spectres of abolishing DLA and PIP are looming large, then Universal Credit. What a complete waste of money this government are shelling out when there is no good need to do so.

    What will happen to everybody when DLA is abolished and replaced with PIP? At the moment it seems the assessment phase will be just as dire as it was for WCA, ie making people ineligible for the benefit. A disabling condition does not go away, or get better because a government department wants it to. Simply making people ineligble for the benefit will force them into hardship as the condition and its impact still has to be paid for. Apparently DLA will just stop (when PIP comes in) even for those people with indefinite awards (because their disability is deemed so severe it is needed) and then people will be 'invited' to apply for PIP; there is no overlap as I understand it. So, why don't they leave DLA alone? They want over half a million people off DLA over the next year or so that's why; regardless of their conditions. All we hear from the minister for disabled people is that people get DLA for life (WRONG: They don't, it's an indefinite award which can be looked at any time). People never get assessed or reassessed (WRONG: They get assessed regularly). It's an easy benefit to get, fill in a form with no medical assessment (WRONG: People are medically assessed for this benefit, the form is a long one and takes many hours to wade through). You'd think the media would be taking her to task over these blatant untruths but no, they don't so she gets away with such misleading statements. DLA does not need reforming in my opinion as it is fit for purpose as it is.

    Thanks again Paul.

  10. I'm a 31 yr old woman who has been on ESA for a yr i suffer from blackouts cannot walk without crutches and suffer severe depression.When i went for my medical the so called nurse got all the information wrong i dont go shopping im never left on my own etc when i was told i was no longer entitled to esa i appealed and when i won my appeal i was written to and told no more medical statements were needed i never got told i was only entitled to this for 365 days.I do not claim any other benefit and my husband went part time to look after me.The government is punishing us disabled and its unfair on us i cant work as i dont know when im gonna blackout i dont get out of bed and think oh today i think i'll blackout and this is not helping my depression.What a shambles the world has become.Government are useless bringing in all these new benefits when they dont need to just cause we went into a resession,i never asked them to borrow money if torys hadnt of got in i think we might still be ok.

  11. QUESTION: Does anyone know if you lose your ESA if your DLA will be cut off at the same time? Or later?

    I believe I will 'fail' my ATOS medical next week and be moved on to Jobseekers Allowance. I have an indefinite award of DLA and badly need to replace my badly rusted mobility scooter. I have not dared make the necessary financial committment when I don't know from one day to the next whether the DLA will be there to finance it.

    The Government needs to be straight with us and tell us whether they believe an ill or disabled person has a right to live or not. Because if so many thousands of people are to lose the means for their survival, the only decent thing for the Government to do is to send out cyanide capsules with their refusal of benefit letters.

    Shall we embarrass them by putting a petition to this effect on the Downing Street website?

    1. Yes my thoughts are the same as yours....I fear so much for my grandson whose parents are struggling to cope with losing their home though redundancies and negative equity...God help us all !

  13. All, or nearly all, MPs signed up to the idea that Welfare Reform was all about giving sick and disabled people the chance to work and therefore releasing them from "being trapped on benefits". It has not worked out like that though has it? All I see is the number of claimants for JSA rising and the number of job vacancies for sick and disabled people falling. What it is really all about is what sick and disabled people said from the outset of these reforms (going back to Labour days as well I might add) and that is that its all about saving money for the government and about cutting the amount of money spent on the sick and disabled. It was also said (and still is spouted often by IDS) that the money available must be "targeted at those most in need", the only problem being that he has redefined "the most in need" to the extent that the media portrays most sick and disabled as "not in need" and therefore just scroungers!
    Thanks Paul for trying to put the record straight, although I doubt many journalists will give up the sick and disabled bashing that seems to make them so proud. Remember they used to delight in calling out gay and ethnic minorities before they made that illegal. Roll on Disablism being similarily classified.

  14. Ever considered your in supported group of ESA and your partner in WRAG both contributory and the supported person in ESA has £7800 gross pension and on top of that gets supported ESA reduced because of £85 per week pension income rule. Here is a scenario that delivers no means tested benefits what so ever. A supported person in cESA still pays tax on income also if they need social care it is means tested too! You are priced out of market for social care, disabled facility grant and goodness knows what else. The Government sets an amount you can live of and that is very little indeed. Any person on ESA will be amongst the most needy so why, oh why reduce our benifits.I feel NI is now a rip off!

  15. I am 36 and suffer from epilepsy like my mother and other members of my family.
    I have been placed in wrag which is a shock as even my doc and neurologist know i can not be left on my own as my mini seizures happen daily which i have brunt myself, cut myself, broken plates etc and deemed fit for work.
    I am really worried now i find i am on for only 12 months, where does this leave me?

    1. Peter, I can relate to everything you wrote. I was diagnosed with Grand Mal Epilepsy in 1990 and was subsequently awarded DLA for life in 1994 (Middle Rate Care and Low Rate Mobility) and have been receiving other related benefits since then. At the time of my diagnosis, the Neurologist told me there was no such thing as a cure for epilepsy and although it would greatly affect my life and limit the things I was able to do, in time I would learn to live with it. I am 58 years old and incidentally, have an older sister who also suffers from epilepsy. I can suffer anything from 1 to 6 seizures per week and over the years I've come to accept them as part of life. It annoys me that the DWP, in their infinite wisdom, have now decided I should be placed me in a Work Related Activity Group. I'm waiting to receive a letter to confirm this. I did not have a medical, they made their decision based on the information I'd given in the form. Like others have already mentioned in this thread, I am thinking of appealing against their decision. To those of you who have started their appeals, I wish you all the best. Please let us know how things go.

  16. I have just found out that I am in the Support Group as I have mental health problems. I have never worked or paid any contributions as I went straight from school to college to university and then became ill so I was on income support, not incapacity before it turned into ESA. Filling in the form was one of the most stressful things I have done but I had support from a friend who is a mental health nurse who showed me how I needed to explain my illness so that it could be understood by the person who read the form. He said that he has helped three of his other patients to do this and one of them had to go for a second assessment. At this assessment, the patient who was schizophrenic, hurled a chair through a window and had to be restrained until the police came and he was sectioned under the mental health act. Two months later he got a letter saying he was fit to work!

    Obviously, this sort of thing goes on a lot but I was told that most people who appeal against the decision and say they are too ill to work win the appeal in about 95% of cases. Seems to me that even if you have severe learning disabilities, have lost touch with reality through mental illness or are missing all four limbs, they want you to get a job. What a shambles!

  17. My husband has been unable to work for 18 months due to several prolapsed discs in his spine, spinal osteo arthritis and nerve compression. A long awaited operation left him in just as much pain and with no sensation in his leg and foot. He can barely walk and is in constant agonising pain. His only trade is a builder but even so, he was put into the Work Related Activity Group for Employment Support Allowance.
    In December 2011 I took voluntary redundancy because the strain of looking after my husband and also a relative with cerebral palsy became too much to handle with a full time job and I very nearly cracked up. My relative with cerebral palsy was also put into the WRAG on ESA which meant I had to take her to all the appointments made for her at job agencies, job seekers etc. as she has no idea how to get around on her own due to mental incapabilities. I expected to be able to claim Carers Allowance but guess what...NO. Neither of them it seems is assessed badly enough to require a carer although my whole day is taken up with caring duties for one or other of them.
    Then upon checking my bank statement on 18th May it was evident that my husband's ESA had been stopped on 19th April with no warning or letter of explanation as to why it had been stopped before the 52 weeks were up. I had also submitted a new claim for him for income based ESA which should have started from the beginning of May but had received no decision on that either. So after several enquiries (one phone call took 45 minutes to get through) it turned out that they had stopped my husband's ESA without notification because I had applied for JSA in my own right and not only that, they had discarded his new claim without advising us. The result was we had no income for over a month because my claim for job seekers had not been approved for the first 4 weeks. We had been eating into our bank overdraft without knowing about it.
    To discover they had discarded his new claim was soul destroying, as anyone who has had to fill in these ridiculously long books knows it can take hours to collate all the information they require. This just added insult to injury!
    It turns out we are only entitled to £111 a week between us. How are couples expected to survive on that? My husband was receiving £95 a week ESA in his own right until I applied for Job Seekers Allowance. How unfair is that?
    I am 60 years old and my disabled husband is 63. No one is going to employ us at our age and capability. At my Job Seekers interview I was told that I have to sign an agreement to say that I would accept a job of 40 hours a week plus 2 hours a day travelling time. In the unlikely event that they did indeed find me a job taking up 50 hours a week, I would have to put my disabled relative in a home and ask Social Services to provide my disabled husband with care facilities. What an expensive scenario that would be for the Government, so where's the sense in that!
    We now stand to lose our home as we still have mortgage to pay and the Benefits Advisor said they can only help with the interest after I have been on Job Seekers for 6 months. We have no savings left due to my husband's long term illness and the mortgage lender is not going to overlook the payments for 6 months. Not only are these Government cut backs uncivilised, the administration in sorting out people's benefits is disgraceful. To date I have still not received a letter confirming my entitlement to any benefits. I have only had verbal confirmation over the phone.
    My husband is now pretty much housebound as we can't afford a wheelchair. I feel bitter that after 40 years of paying contributions we are only entitled to 1 years contribution based benefits and are not even entitled to apply individually. Despite being 60, I cannot even draw my pension until December 2013 because of Government cutbacks. Could Cameron survive on £111 per week? I think not!

    1. I totally agree with you about Camron.I am only 42 and worked since the day I left school. I have ostarthris of both knees and need knee replacements. My works doc finished me from work after 22 years service . I applied for ESA and was turned down at first saying , I hadn't paid NI. After 15 weeks of arguing they finally paid me my money back. Then had a letter last April saying my ESA was stopping . It made me feel sick. I live with my partner and have 12 year old son. My partner works full time , and was told I couldnt claim income based. I have a morgage to pay and full council tax. I even had my tax credit stopped because gov dropped how much you can claim. They always go how much you earn the year before. Because I was getting ESA it was added to my partner wage .I started having problems with my hands , elbows , feet etc.... .I was sent to see rhuemathiod doc, and had all tests done. They found out its osteoarthritis all through my body and they found problem with my back as well. I have to wear splints on both hands and both elbows . I was told to try and get into support group. I had past a medical in oct 2011 which but me in wrsg .I tried for support group and was told no, because my condition hadn't changed (which it had) I have all letter of docs. I am now appealing for support group. When my letters come through about my appeal , there was aletter in there saying I had been for medical in aug 2012. ( it wasn't me). I went oct 2011. But nobody seems to believe me. I am just like you , we may lose our house. We have no money . And loads of bills to pay . I have been every where for some help , but all I keep being told his my partner has to keep me and my son and the house. There is nobody out there to help you, it must be against human rights for them to not give people who have worked any money. Like me have a child . Somebody out there please help us.

  18. i am a 53 year old male been on esa for several years for depresion and alcholism i have been in detox been in reab i came out of hospital last year i have tried my hardist but failed i whent fore a medical last month and now they have talk me off support group and put me on work activity group the way i am drinking and my depresion it is inposible they can not say i have not tried because i have whot does this goverment whont out of use they have not got a clue they do not live in the real world

  19. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever vote Tory!! Cameron simply does not real in the same world as the rest of us. I would love to put him a disabled persons shoes for just a month, with all the pain and heartache that entails with not only dealing with a painful disability day in and out, but struggling to get ESA, and see how he copes! From a personal point of view, I have found the whole process frustrating and humiliating, I have now gone to the Apeals Court, but the way things are, I don't expect to get it. As my good old Mum always said, the Tories look after their own (meaning the rich) the rest of us can go to hell! Oh how right she was. The sooner we vote them out the better for all concerned!

  20. After working for 35 yrs, I had to medically retire and was placed on WRAG and got Contribution related ESA last year. When I was taken to the work interview, the man who interviewed me could not believe I was not in the support group and told me they would not put me through the ordeal of trying to attend for any further interviews. I got a letter last Friday saying I was losing my ESA, and spent Friday trying to get through to the DWP without success. I eventually got through on Monday and was told to start a new application for income related ESA as my benefits are all I have to live on. On checking my bank account on Monday, I was horrified to see that my fortnightly benefit had already been stopped, and I had been given £14.17 to live on for the next two weeks! I spent the day wanting to end it all, and have had to borrow some money just to buy food but I can't keep doing that. The DWP promised to send my new claim forms immediately but they did not come yesterday or today. I really don't know what I am going to do! If I have no income again in another two weeks, I can't see me being able to go on.

  21. I totally agree with everything you said about the Tories, Esha77. I dislike David Cameron and the way he's treating disabled people that I feel like putting my boot through the screen every time I see him on TV. If it's any consolation, the staff at my local Jobcentre Plus went on strike this week due to the huge amount of work they are now expected to do, thanks to Cameron's Welfare Reform bill sending more and more people there. I really can see this eventually backfiring on him and I can't wait for the whole thing to blow up in his smug "all for the rich" face.

    petzr1: I hope you manage to get your claim sorted out. I only got transferred to ESA two weeks ago, I too, have been placed on WRAG and I'm waiting to be called in for a Work Related Interview. I've heard so many horror stories that I worry my fortnightly payments of ESA will stop being paid into my bank and I'll be up the proverbial creek without a paddle as far as my direct debits and other things go. As if it isn't bad enough being labelled "disabled", now Cameron wants to make us feel guilty for claiming benefits and cause us as much stress and anxiety as possible. Just to echo Esha77's words, the sooner we get that guy out, the better!

  22. I claim benefits and I agree totally with all the comments above,however the politics seem to be classic devide and conquer tactics we have witnessed so many time before.
    To call the minority of people on benefits scroungers has its merits, however the minority scrounger is not the majority in need and deserving, its very easy to spread discord amongst the working majority who pay high taxes and work the longest hours in Europe,supporting goverment policy of the day,that being claiments are lazy,deceitful undeserving scroungers who should be a benefit to society, not society being beneficial to them.#
    Most people on benfits dont choose to be living an exsistence,as benefits allow us to. We would love to be able to have a financially better life enabling us and our families to have more choice.What we do have is time and lots of it, a certain freedom, that different from a working person who is a slave to the wage and needs to be back at work on a monday morning! As I see it,people who are in work,work very hard for what they earn, so when there tax is deducted and there told the majority of that money is spent on welfare, then they become angry.
    We all need to begin to recognise the truth and unless we all stick together, then the goverment will keep on deviding our society for there own gain in the name of democracy, a democracy thats decided on a 40% share of the whole population split between three major political parties!!!

    Not looking forward to the new Universal Credit system starting next year!!!
    Take care everyone.

  23. @Graeme Tomlinson

    I am born and bred in britain and it shames me to see you on here blaming innocent people such as asylum seekers for the state of the economy. If you lived in a country where you were at threat of losing your life and you were oppressed by their dicatorial regimes i think you would do anything to keep you and your family safe. Your behaviour and views of this problem are very worrying and remind me of nazi Germany when Hitler set about setting up propaganda campaigns to wrongly blame the Jews for the state of their economy. Surely you would have more brain than to just go along with media propaganda and incorrect figures, why are you so brainwashed? if anyone should be targetted it should be the big firms which monopolise all the money and power and then turn the little people on each other, we must not let that happen and stick together!

  24. I agree with all the posts, but I wanted to add a positive note as well: my husband is longterm disabled and was on IB, but was re-assessed last year and put in the WRAG (not support group where he should be) but anyway, the Job Centre didn't bug him and only called him in this month - six months after his reassessment - then he got a very helpful member of staff who agreed there was NO point in him looking for work at all. Secondly, when he applied for DLA it was initially totally refused, no points, but when we appealed it was looked at again and reassessed to middle rate care and lower rate mobility. So - thank God - somebody in the DWP has a heart.
    Nonetheless, his ESA stops in April and we are dreading losing a large section of our income. I am on a pension and cannot work.

  25. here is the thing, i have never worked, well i did for 3 months when i was 15 but that was nothing, i left college at the age of 18 as i was seriously ill, got a brain tumor and had a mild stroke- why is it not okay for me to recieve benafits, i clearly cant work and havnt been given the chance, some people need to really have a think before judging people who dont pay tax ect because not all cases are the same. anyway my point is i need help with something. i got told last week im stuck on ESA for another 18 months atleast for recovery but i can work for under 16 hours to get use to it again still claiming my benafit but i have recently got a trial for a job that lasts for for weeks and this is the end of the first, i sign a contract tommorow but dont get my full wage untill after the 4 week trial. do i have to sign off esa right now? as i live in flats and the type of flat it is, its £150 a week therefor if i sign off now i cannot afford to live for the next 8 weeks until i get my first full wage. what do i do in this situation, please commentx

  26. Medically retired, lost my house, all capital gone on renting. IB will go when I have to go and suffer ATOS this Sunday. Next will be my motability car...

  27. my husband should get first esa payment today but not arrive yet, plms is me and my husband is deaf , cant phone the dwp , when we went into dwp department, customer service say you had to phone this number,I WROTE THE PAPER AND I SAID WE CANT, WE ARE DEAF. i sign language to my husband, "are they thick" deaf people cant speak, cant english , cant hear. i had to get my son to phone but they refuse to speak to him because he is not person who claim , so behalf for us didnt work , my poor son is stress as only 13 years old, it is so unfair to us and kids.

  28. Being able to have an income protection quote beforehand can also help an employee get by in times of hardships.

  29. Everyone, please try and stop worrying. I am on ESA after losing out on Incapacity Benefit. I am trying to get this back on discrimination grounds. I was on Incapacity Benefit supposed to be for life. When this Con/Dem came in I had a very hard and after I got all papers or so I thought I was put to work. After losing the trial. I pointed out things was wrong. I didn't know what though. I never knew the law. I am now fighting that decision as the law has been broken. We all come under Equality Act as well as Human Rights act. Please also google and join Black Triangle Campaign. If you believe that you are put on the wrong category, explain properly to a solicitor. Above all KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

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